About Us

"Innovative, Continuous, Reliable Ideas"

The name of our organization is “Mikron Makina San. ve Tic.Ltd.Şti.”, founded in 1982 in Ankara Turkey. Registered in 1994 as manufacturing and machining in the field of electronics, aerospace, automotive and medical sub-industries.

Mikron Makine has 8000 m² open area and 5000 m² closed area with more than 216 staff members at all levels of production with fulfilling ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System (QMS), and ISO 13485:2003 requirements.


In addition, with FDA cleared screw group, our products also have CE certification.


While our machine park has continued developing by gained experience of machining service in Medical, Electronics&Aerospace and Automotive sectors, our extensive machine capabilities offer unlimited designing and finishing produce.


Our brillant working team of experienced engineers, programmers, and manufacturers can design, build and customize virtually any type of  spinal and trauma implants to your exact specifications.

In previous situations Our company has proven success in product quality by gained leadership in the sector of efficient companies.


Renovation & Development have always been important aspects for our MSFX branded products. Our R&D Program is the result of collaboration between clinical sector individuals, universities and research institutes, combined with MSFX implantable medical devices.



We now operate a centrally-located 13.000 m² facility in Ankara that allows us to accommodate the immense growth experienced in the past four decades. Our first-rate facilities give us the ability to customize medical devices for our local, regional, national and international customers.

Mikron Makina has been manufacturing its entire production using the latest technology, machinery and equipment by using the processing method since 1980s.

Mikron Makina helps patients to have quality lives by providing them the best quality implants at affordable price with our experience above-mentioned.

Having life sciences organizations, staying up-to-date on changing and new regulations, the latest technologies, and the current best practices within the quality, compliance, and regulatory disciplines require a continual process of evaluation.

As a developer, manufacturer and supplier, Mikron Medical has innovative and exciting product portfolio to serve our customer.

Our MSFX branded spinal and trauma implants are updated and expanded in line with technological advances to satisfy the current and future needs of both patients and health care professionals.

In addition to machining, anodizing and ultrasonic washing processes are carried out during the medical production processes, and validation studies are carried out for all performed special processes.

Our production processes are stored in the corporate memory with Canias ERP.


Quality Control

We have a specialized team of competent surgeons who test our medical products and constantly contribute to improving its effectiveness and making products more widely acceptable.

We constantly want to offer the best medical products to our customers and thus we undergo an intense research program for every product that we offer.

Our Quality Control Team ensures quality controls at the every production stage of the process with 3D measurement devices.

At every stage of production, our Quality Control Team performs all necessary controls by using 4 CMM devices and all the steps of quality control processes are taken into corporate memory with Canias ERP, so that we can respond to our customers quickly about retrospective information of their products.


Our well-experienced assembly team does all the assembly processes of the parts that are provided or supplied by our customers. Our team also observes performs all the designs, reports and the tests that are also requested by our customers. The process of assembly has been well managed by highly qualified team of professionals who consistently work hard to produce the best medical products.


For more information please visit http://www.mikronmakina.com