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  • Traumatology is a branch of medicine. It is often considered a subset of surgery and in countries without the specialty of trauma surgery it is most often a sub-specialty to orthopedic surgery. Traumatology is the study of wounds and injuries caused by accidents or violence to a person, and the surgical treatment and repair of the damage. Traumatology may also be known as accident surgery.
  • MSFX has been involved in the spinal implant and trauma implant market since 2006 since 2015, respectively.
  • We design, develop and market surgical spinal&trauma implants.
  • MSFX is focused on the design, development, manufacturing and marketing of the products for the surgical treatment of trauma disorders, with a focus on treating conditions affecting the aging&deformed bones.
  • Our wide portfolio and pipeline include a variety of trauma products and systems.
  • Our trauma implants and instrumentation are manufactured with precision and pride in our state of art manufacturing facility located in Ankara/Turkey. Our main objective is to simplify existing techniques. We provide the latest innovations in trauma surgery technology, which reduces the number of required surgical gestures and gives a greater guarantee of free risk surgery.
  • MSFX is committed to the constant innovation of the trauma implants, orthopedic products and other related products. Working collectively with surgeons, we are constantly improving our instruments and products to better suit surgeons and optimize surgical outcomes.
  • MSFX offers a wide range of fracture fixation products specifically designed to address the intricate anatomy and physiology of the lower&upper extremities in order to ease the challenge of treating patients with traumatic injuries. Our comprehensive line of implants and instruments, combined with advanced technologies, help provide strong implants, enhance fixation, simplify and help you improve the accuracy of procedures, and guide you to the outcomes you seek for your patients.


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Bone Fracture Considerations

  • Fracture implants must be designed and installed with care. Stress shielding occurs when plates or screws carry a large portion of the bone’s load, causing atrophy. This problem is reduced, but not eliminated, by the use of low-modulus materials, including titanium and its alloys.
  • The heat generated by the friction of installing hardware can easily accumulate and damage bone tissue, reducing the strength of the connections.
  • If dissimilar metals are installed in contact with one another (i.e., a titanium plate with cobalt-chromium alloy or stainless steel screws), galvanic corrosion will result. The produced metal ions can damage the bone locally and may cause systemic effects as well.


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